Master Blockchain Developer

Master Blockchain Developer

Master the Future of Technology: Become a Certified Master Blockchain Developer.

Make yourself a most capable wide-ranging blockchain engineer. Blockchain developers are earning 20% to 40% more than their web2 equivalents.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Master Blockchain Developer Program. In this comprehensive career track, you’ll explore twenty-two intensively designed courses combining on-demand and live-instructor-led classes. Covering all facets of blockchain technology from basic to advanced, this program provides the ideal learning pathway for those seeking to make an impact in the decentralized world.

Unleash the potential of blockchain and step into a world where technology and innovation intersect. Dive into topics such as blockchain development, DevOps, zk-SNARKS, smart contract security, Ethereum development, and more. Master the art of architecting, implementing, and securing blockchain solutions to drive business innovation and growth.

How this course works:

You complete the courses within this program at your own pace and attend live events, instructor sessions, and blockchain labs as your schedule permits. LIVE sessions are regularly scheduled (monthly) and recorded for OnDemand viewing. You start when you are ready, and should you fall behind, we will send notifications encouraging you to log in and continue to completion. Upon completion, you are eligible to sit for Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) Certification exams.

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 100 Total Hours
  • OnDemand: 82 Hours
  • LIVE Online: 18 Hours
  • Tuition: $2,495
Courses, Workshops & Certification ExamsHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HourLIVE Online (optional)
LIVE Instructor AMA - bi-weekly1 Hour +LIVE Online (optional)
Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master3 Hours OnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Development Decision5 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Introduction to DevOps4 HoursLIVE Online
zk-SNARKS Essentials2 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Smart Contract Security7 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Solidity Smart Contract Developer (EVM)7 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Smart Contract Developer LIVE Workshop3 HoursLIVE Online
Understanding L1 & L2 Blockchains2 HoursLIVE Online
Ethereum Enterprise Strategist4 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Ethereum Developer Environment0.5 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Ethereum DApp Developer5 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Ethereum DApp LIVE Workshop3 HoursLIVE Online
Blockchain Architecture 1014 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Architecture 2014 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Scrum Methods for Blockchain2 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies2 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Key Management5 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Security10 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Security LIVE Workshop3 HoursLIVE Online
EXAM VOUCHER - Blockchain Security Professional Level 2 Certification2 HoursAI Proctored Exam Online
Blockchain Architecture 3015 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Architecture Workshop3 HoursLIVE Online
Scaling Agile Solution for Blockchain to a team-of-teams5 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported

Upcoming LIVE Instruction Dates

Master Blockchain Developer Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this intensive program, participants will be able to:

Understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its use cases.

Learn to use DevOps tools and methodologies in blockchain development.

Gain proficiency in zk-SNARKS and its implementation in blockchain.

Develop secure and efficient smart contracts on Ethereum.

Understand and differentiate between L1 and L2 blockchains.

Design and develop decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum.

Master the architecture of secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain systems.

Learn and apply Agile and Scrum methodologies in blockchain development.

Understand key management and the security aspects of blockchain.

Learn to scale Agile solutions for team-of-teams in blockchain projects.

Certificates of Completion

Four Certifications from the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB)

Review Topic Areas and Exam Competencies on

Blockchain Smart Contract Developer Level 1 Certification

Blockchain Security Professional Level 2 Certification

Ethereum Developer Level 2 Certification

Master Blockchain Developer Level 3 Certification

Exam Fees are included


Students should have a minimum of 1-year software development experience in C++, Python, Java and JavaScript.  Ethereum’s built-in programming language is Solidity influenced by C++, Python, and JavaScript.

Target Audience

This program is suitable for developers, solution architects, technology enthusiasts, and professionals interested in blockchain technology and aiming to build or enhance their career in blockchain development.

Master Blockchain Developer Program Content

Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master

Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master
Module 2: Agile Economics, Managing, Options, Myths and Benefits
Module 3: Scrum Master Role, Scrum Roles, Teams, Basics
Module 4: Iteration Basics and Elements
Module 5: Blockchain Elements Leadership

Blockchain Development Decision

Module 1: Development Essentials
Module 2: Platforms
Module 3: Hosting and Mining Decisions
Module 4: Associated Technologies
Module 5: Development Languages
Module 6: Security and Implementation Goals
Module 7: Risk Management
Module 8: Digital Transformation & Summary

Introduction to DevOps

Module 1: Introduction to DevOps
Module 2: The DevOps Lifecycle
Module 3: Popular DevOps Tools
Module 4: DevOps Team Structure and Roles
Module 5: DevOps and ITIL
Module 6: Implementing DevOps: Best Practices and Challenges
Module 7: DevOps Culture and Collaboration
Module 8: DevOps in the Future

zk-SNAKRS Essentials

Module 1: Introduction to Zk-SNARKs
Module 2: Technical details of Zk-SNARKs
Module 3: Building a Zk-SNARK application
Module 4: Future developments and research in Zk-SNARKs

Smart Contract Security

Module 1: Intro to Smart Contract Security
Module 2: General Programming Vulnerabilities
Module 3: Blockchain Vulnerabilities
Module 4: Ethereum-Specific Vulnerabilities
  • Developing the First Smart Contract, writing functions, and returning data
  • Adding additional functionality to a Smart Contract with more data and more functions.
  • Detailed exploration of Smart Contracts with user addresses
  • Using enums data types to update state conditions
  • Using structs and mappings to create custom data types and manage them.
  • Introduction to making payments to other users
  • Send virtual cryptocurrency to another user address
  • Transfer cryptocurrency when certain conditions are true
  • Use ERC-20 standard to create fungible tokens. Explore development options such as imported reusable libraries.
  • Use ERC-721 standard to create non-fungible tokens. Explore the metadata associated with each NFT. Also look into such options as imported reusable libraries for NFTs.
  • A Smart Contract for voting. This Smart Contract will be used in a web based user application, distributed application or DApp.


Understanding L1 and L2 Blockchains

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Layer 1 Blockchains
Module 3: Layer 2 Blockchains
Module 4: Use Cases
Module 5: Technical Aspects
Module 6: Conclusion
Module 7: Layer 0 and Layer 3 blockchains

Ethereum Enterprise Strategist

Module 1: Blockchain Basics
Module 2: Origins of Ethereum
Module 3: Transactions on Ethereum
Module 4: Ethereum Protocols
Module 5: Ether and Cryptocurrencies
Module 6: Wallets
Module 7: The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
Module 8: Smart Contracts
Module 9: Ethereum Standards: ERC-20, ERC-721, etc
Module 10: Fungible Token
Module 11: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Module 12: Ethereum Distributed Applications (DApps)
Module 13: Ethereum Networks, testnet and live networks
Module 14: Ethereum Use Cases: ICO, DAO, Games,

Ethereum DApp Developer

Module 1: Basic Concepts and Configuring a Working Environment
Module 2: Introduction to Solidity
Module 3: Exploring Smart Contracts and Ethereum Protocols
Module 4: Finalizing Your App

Blockchain Architecture 101

Module 1: Blockchain Introduction, revisited
Module 2: Development Languages and Tools
Module 3: Consensus Deep Dive
Module 4: The Blockchain Trilemma
Module 5: Blockchain Security Overview

Blockchain Architecture 201

Module 1: Blockchain Security Deep-Dive
Module 2: The Regulatory Landscape
Module 3: Risk Management
Module 4: Blockchain Solution Architecture Considerations
Module 5: Blockchain Governance Concerns
Module 6: Blockchain in the Real World

Scrum Methods for Blockchain

Module 1: User Stories
Module 2: User Story Estimation
Module 3: Team Velocity
Module 4: Scrum Events
Module 5: Prioritize the Backlog
Module 6: Scrum Reporting
Module 7: Scrum Teams
Module 8: Risk Management

Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies

Module 1: Architecting Solutions and Continuous Integration
Module 2: Lean Methods
Module 3: Dev Ops and Release Management

Key Management

Module 1: Key Management Overview
Module 2: Key Generation
Module 3: Key Management and Storage
Module 4: Risks

Blockchain Security

Module 1: Intro to Blockchain Security
Module 2: Cryptography, Hash Functions, and Public Key
Module 3: Consensus, PoW, and PoS Security
Module 4: Advanced Blockchain and Architectural Security
Module 5: The Blockchain User & Node Security
Module 6: Securing Blockchain NetStake
Module 7: Introduction to Smart Contract Security
Module 8: Programming Vulnerabilities

Blockchain Architecture 301

Module 1 – The Lifecycle of a Blockchain Solution
Module 2 – Consumer vs Enterprise Blockchain Use and Adoption
Module 3 – Identity Management and the Blockchain
Module 4 – Web 2.5
Module 5 – Blockchain Interoperability Deep-Dive
Module 6 – Blockchain Sustainability
Module 7 – Where to go from here?

Scaling Agile Solution for Blockchain to a team-of-teams

Module 1: Scaling Agile Solution
Module 2: The Scaled Agile team-of-teams and the Agile enterprise.
Module 3: Agile for Device Emerging Technology
Module 4: Business outcomes

Program Info

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: LIVE Online & OnDemand
  • Tuition: $2,495
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 100 Total Hours
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Additional Information

  • Module Quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Student Orientation
  • LIVE Online Instructor AMAs
  • LIVE Workshops

Certification Competencies

The material covered in this course contributes to 100% of the Focus Areas as defined in the Web3 Certification Association (W3CB) Exam Competencies for four AI Proctored Certification Exams:

Level 1 Blockchain Smart Contract Developer Certification

Level 2 Ethereum Developer Certification

Level 2 Blockchain Security Professional Certification

Level 3 Master Blockchain Developer Certification

Book Included:

Kindle or in Print

Alternative Non-Technical Certification Tracks to Consider:


  • AI Essentials
  • Web3 Foundations
  • Blockchain Foundations
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Web3 Foundations Level 1 Certification
  • Blockchain Development Decision
  • Key Management
  • Blockchain Enterprise Strategy
  • Fundamentals of DeFi & Primitives
  • Non-fungible Token Essentials
  • Tokenomic Essentials
  • Understanding L1 and L2 Blockchains
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Advocate Level 2 Certification
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness
  • Risk Management for Blockchain-Based Technology Companies
  • Data Protection Regulation: GDPR, CPRA/CCPA
  • OFAC Compliance Essentials
  • Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master
  • Blockchain Architecture 101
  • Blockchain Architecture 201
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Professional Level 3 Certification


  • AI Essentials
  • Prompt Engineering 101: AI Chat Bot (ChatGPT)
  • AI Prompt Engineering 201: Advanced Topics
  • AI Prompt Engineering 301: Developer Topics
  • Mastering Image Generative AI
  • Mastering Music Generative AI
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB AI Prompt Engineer Level 1 Certification